Tukula (meaning "we grow") partners with organizations and businesses to develop amazing products, created by our team of artisans in Uganda. Along with a fair wage, the women we work with receive medical care, an encouraging work environment, and access to savings programs. By relieving the pressure of school fees for their children, medical fees for themselves and their families, and daily expenses in general, these ladies are able to walk with confidence and joy.

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"My name is Esther Mutekanga, and I'm a tailor in Tukula. I'm a mother of 5 - 3 girls and 2 boys. We are happy because of Tukula. I make bags and other beautiful products, and I'm thankful for all of our customers. The more support we get, the more we prosper. We love tukula!"

"My deepest appreciation to Tukula. I am a lady called Ayakaka Sally. I did my tailoring course in YMCA jinja branch. And was the best student in academic in our set and hopping to go for diploma. It was not easy for me to complete my course in terms of school fees but when I joined Tukula, everything became possible for me up to now. We started with a few things, now we have many things that we can make."

"I am agatha, 28 years old, mother of two. I love working hard and being creative because it's a part of me. I love my family because they are an amazing family and every one is so good to me. I make wonderful paper beads and am researching the market for my organic products. I think that is all I can say about myself. Thank you!"

"I am Flavia Anying, a Ugandan, an Acholi by Tribe. I'm 32 years old and have 2 children. The rebel activity in Northern Uganda forced my family to flee, because they destroyed our property and killed many of our relatives. We became poor and had to live in a displacement camp. I was having difficulty paying my children's school fees and our rent. However, due to the work from Tukula, we are now thriving. God bless Tukula and all of our customers!"

"My name is Bennah and I'm a single momma of two kids - Jacob and Deborah. It wasn't easy to start a single life with my kids. But God gave me courage in everything, and my trust is in Him. I want to thank God for everybody who are purchasing our products. You made us feel 'WOW'! We're so thankful."


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